e.p.t. Numeric Can Help You Know When

Starting a family can be a rollercoaster. You track your cycle, wonder how to tell if you're pregnant, and you ask, "Will I have trouble getting pregnant?"

Other products may promise to help you getting pregnant fast, but leave you wondering when you can even getting pregnant.

e.p.t. Numeric gives you clear, accurate results in around 3 minutes, so you know when to try.
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There is a better way

e.p.t. Numeric Digital Ovulation Test can give you a more accurate ovulation window, so you are more confident in knowing when you can get pregnant. You can see when your most fertile days are and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

e.p.t.'s ovulation detection technology can help you get pregnant quickly, even if you have irregular periods. e.p.t.® Digital Ovulation Test is fast and easy to use. It gives you a YES / NO response as well as giving you a numeric LH level. .

Our easy to use ovulation tests give women the tools they need to get pregnant. e.p.t. has always been a pioneer of innovation, helping women for over 40 years with the how of getting pregnant.

e.p.t.® Digital Ovulation Test

The clearest choice in ovulation detection

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