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TrustedAccurate     Quickresults since 1977.

e.p.t.® is all about delivering accuracy. That's why, after the FDA cleared the first digital pregnancy test, e.p.t.® brought their own digital test to the market. We are committed to evolving the technology to meet your needs. Developing and offering innovations that deliver what women want, we aim to create high quality products that you can trust. Welcome to the Family.

Our History

The Digital Ovulation Test released in 2019
The Error-Proof Test Direct Flow released in 2018
e.p.t.'s 25th anniversary in 2012
e.p.t. tests enter the digital age in 2005.
e.p.t. releases signature purple cap and shield in 1996.
One Step Test introduced in 1992
10 million e.p.t. tests sold in 1988
e.p.t. pink stick test released in 1987
e.p.t. pregnancy test wait time reduced to 10 minute in 1986
e.p.t. Color Change technology released in 1984
e.p.t. Reverse Ring released in 1983
The first e.p.t. ad in 1978
The e.p.t. revolution begins in 1977
Pregnancy tests before e.p.t.