Keeping the Spark Alive

Keeping the Spark Alive

Every day, couples are looking for new ways to add some spice into their relationships. And when you add a potential baby into the equation, that love and adoration you have for each other may get buried under stress and plans for the future.

You two are in this together, so it’s important to put effort into nurturing what you have. Here are some things you can try to help make sure you can maintain the flame.


Most of us can agree successful relationships rely heavily on great communication. When you are trying to conceive, emotions can take a toll and stress can creep up out of nowhere. Whether you are male or female, pregnancy affects both parties. Make sure you and your partner talk about what you’re going through and actively work on supporting each other. And while you’re at it, work on being a better listener.


A squeeze of the hip. A kiss on the forehead. A thoughtful hug. At one point in your relationship, the little things were enough to ignite your heart with fireworks. Bring back the simple touches and occasional “just because” hugs. Human contact is a powerful thing.


We get it—everyone is busy. You have things to do, errands to run and obligations to fulfill. And at the end of the day, you’re tired! Take some time to get away from it all and go out, just the two of you. A walk around the park, a candlelit dinner or a cozy weekend getaway—all great ways to get the “we” time your relationship needs. After all, intimacy is built upon the fact that you actually enjoy each other’s company.

Mom Tips

“Don’t be afraid to lean on your husband for support. He’ll be with you through it all!”

–Rachel I.


There’s a reason you want to create a baby—you and your partner love each other. During pregnancy, it can be easy to get caught up in preparing for the future, but take a look back and remember what it is that made you appreciate your partner in the first place—his sense of humor, her understanding, his eyes—and tell them! Expressing appreciation will make your partner feel like a million bucks.


Grabbing his favorite energy bar while you’re in the store. Texting her during the day just to say hi rather than to ask for something. The small things make you feel special, right? Do the same for your partner.


Sometimes the best remedy for stress is a bit of laughter. See a funny movie together or hang out with a close group of your friends. Finding fun things to do together helps alleviate the pressure, gives you something new to do, and brings you closer. And feeling connected to your partner helps you…


This is a common theme for any couple, with or without dreams of a baby. Put on something nice. Light some candles. Set the mood. Incorporate foreplay. Be confident. And most of all, enjoy yourselves.

No baby book or research study can tell you how to make each other happy. Find new ways to share the love before baby arrives.