Conception Planning & Tips

Tips on Trying

Be In Tune With Your Body

My husband and I were having trouble trying to conceive even though I tried doing it by the book. I ate well, got plenty of sleep, and tracked my ovulation. So, I tried to listen more closely to my body, which included yoga during the week. I thought it would help me tell when my body is ovulating more easily. And sure enough, one day I felt a small pop in my lower abdomen—and I knew I was ovulating. My husband and I had sex the next day, and we were finally blessed with our first child. –Annie P.

Remember Everyone’s Story is Unique

When I was having trouble getting pregnant, I had to make myself take the things I read in blogs with a grain of salt. You’ll read a lot of crazy stories and stress yourself out. Everyone has a unique timeline—relax, be patient and let it happen. –Jill R.

Communicate More

Trying to have a baby can be a stressful process… at least it was for me. And I had to realize that my partner is my best ally. We really had to work on communicating more and listening to each other attentively. It made the process of trying a lot less stressful and we enjoyed ourselves more. –Nora L.

Being Healthy Is Important

After carrying around about 15 extra pounds for several years, my doctor let me know that I would have a better chance of conceiving if I began exercising more, eating better, and lost some weight. After several months, my body felt like it was functioning better all around. Then, my husband and I finally conceived. A little love for yourself can go a long way! –Taryn C.

Mom Tips

“Don’t be afraid to lean on your husband for support. He’ll be with you through it all!”

–Rachel I.

Talk to Your Friends

I found a lot of comfort in speaking to my friends who are already moms and my friends who are also trying. It just feels great to be in an environment where people really care about how your journey is going. You can exchange stories, get tips, and support each other, which is so important right now. –Maria Q.

Have a Little Faith

At times when I was trying to conceive, the frustration almost overwhelmed me. I felt like it was never going to happen for me. Meanwhile, I had friends who had conceived in the first few months. Eventually I had to make a decision—share in your friends’ happiness and take their tips or let my sadness overwhelm me. Sometimes, you just have to force yourself to be positive. That’s when things usually start looking up. –Dorianne P.

Try to Stress Less

I know it’s easier said than done, but alleviating stress can be so important. I realized that my troubles trying to conceive had changed some of my relationships… let’s be honest, I complained a lot. And my mother would just tell me to be patient. So I started documenting my feelings in an online journal. It felt great to have a positive outlet. And when my husband and I finally got pregnant, I looked back on my story and I was even more grateful. –Tiffany W.

Things Can Change From One Pregnancy to Another

With my first child, my husband and I only had to try for two months before we found out we were pregnant. But with my second child we had to try for nearly two years. Just like every woman is different, every pregnancy is different. So don’t get frustrated if things change between baby number one and baby number two. –Elizabeth K.

I Am Trying: Conception Tips Are you and your partner trying to conceive? Learn how you can keep the romance alive.